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Sad fact: 


Due to various medical conditions, some children have permanent hair loss and will never have a head full of their own hair.


Happy fact: 


Children with Hairloss is a non-profit organization that provides these children, free-of-charge, wigs made from donated hair.


My goal: 


To motivate enough people (450+) to donate at least 8" of their healthy hair (any color, including gray) by the time I turn 50 (11-06-12), so 50 children with hair loss can receive a wig.


Your role: 


Cut and donate at least 8" (preferably more) of your hair anytime between now and November 6, 2012.


If you would like to help this project, please click the "Pledge to Donate Hair" link (to the left or below) to let me know you plan to donate hair, so I can keep track of donations.




About me...          AppleMark


Jean Collette Ahearn

Peabody, MA



I have donated my hair twice in the past and wanted to do it at least one more time before I went gray (although gray hair is accepted).  Recently, I noticed that the grays were on the move, so I decided it was time to let my hair grow again.  Since my 50th birthday (which falls on our next presidential election, 11-06-12) was coming up, I decided to let it grow until then, then get it cut for donation.


That made me think about what I would like to do to celebrate the big 50.  At first, I thought I might like to get 50 other people to join me and donate their hair, too.  Then I thought that since 50 really is a big birthday, I would want to do more.  So, 50wigs.com was born.





 Children with Hairloss




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